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Best of September

Discovering All Styles

Hey Guys is its that time again. Another month of discovering artists and enjoying the rich musical scene here in Texas. So here they are the best of Auditory Asylum for September.


Scream For Redemption

Never Fear Shadows

DJ Neon Tiger

Prime Example

Ashliegh Lisset

One Red Martian

Zoe Ann

Miss CJ


Best of July & August

Discovering All Styles



Its been a fun ride so far from the Launch of Auditory Asylum 2 months ago. To celebrate here is our best of article listing the artists that have gotten the most buzz on our site.




Otherworld Rockers

Cori Lynn

Langa Dubstep

Team Sore Losers

Cowgirl Angel

Zoe Ann











Ready To Rise

Exit 380 Don't Miss It

See The Brightside







Painting The Prototype


Someday – Zoe Ann

Much Peace & Love

Zoe Ann continues the Texas tradition of crafting heart felt music and songs that speak to fans, reaching them in their everyday lives. Zoe Ann is building on buzz from her time on Kidd Kraddick’s rock camp, her energetic fan base generates support for long and continued drive. Expect to see this artist everywhere very soon. Zoe Ann stands poised to take her music to next level and carry the Texas torch.

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