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Langa Dubstep

Twisted Mixin

Andrew Langner also know by his stage name “Langa” is a Dubstep DJ and music producer from Rowlett, TX. Dubstep is a growing community in the DFW area and Andrew is at the forefront. As part of the label Sweet Action Records, Andrew tours the country mixing it up with some signature flare. This DJ is going to be one to watch, because soon DJ Langa and David Guetta will be on the same level.

One M.I.C – Shadow

Memories In Creation

One M.I.C is the group behind the production of Benny Heart’s single “I know” that Asylum wrote about last week. This group is very gifted with strong grasp on what make a song worth listening too. They are working on an album and continue to release singles on there youtube channel and on itunes. This is one of the production groups to look out for as they claim their slice of Dallas.


A standard of audio production today is the practice of layering. The basic idea is to take instruments, vocals, and samples and layer them, blending the sound to create the sound that you are looking for. Many producers have made names for themselves though their signature style of employing this technique.

As I was driving the other day a song came across the radio that made me wonder if this technique was become so standard that it is in danger of over use.  The song is DJ Drama’s “Oh My”, during the chorus the vocals are layered with different samples interlaced to create the hook. To me it was disorienting because the vocals sounded like if the singer was trying to sing over himself.

I think that producers should use a rule in their mixing that keeps the samples spread between three levels. Top levels should have vocals and solo instruments, middle level should have background vocals and short loops, while bottom levels should have the long instrumental loops and sound effects.  Another aspect that I think is crucial is the timing if samples overlap too much they lose sync and that ruins the listening experience.

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