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Sean Russell

Classic Sound, New Generation

The 70’s and the 8o’s were eras defined by the music that they produced, during that time occurred the genesis of most of the modern musical styles that are heard today.  Sean Russell captures that sound and feeling, carrying the torch of the music that crossed the pond with the Beatles. Fresh from the release of his new EP “The Stars Will Fall”, Russell is touring the UK showing that Texas is more than Cowboys and rodeos.



Charla Corn

The Creative Journey

Charla Corn is a true southern belle. She’s sassy, tough, with a bit of an in-your-face kind of attitude. She’s got a southern twang that is sweet on the ears, her singing voice is refined, and she knows how to apply her sass to her vocals. Some of her songs show a little bit of a bad girl side, but in the end it seems that love prevails for her. Her songs are the ultimate soundtrack for a girls’ road trip. Her songs show that she’s a woman that knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.  The band’s talent is definitely displayed in each song. Her songs have high energy, and may even make a guy want to bob his head along to the music.



Melissa Polinar

Unfathomable Talent

Melissa Polinar is a song writing phenomenon, it is impossible to even fathom the amount of creativity that she has inside of her waiting to get out. After years of writing songs and recording for YouTube, Polinar is poised to be a breakout star very soon. Her warm soothing voice is a treat to hear, infusing soul and depth into every note, there is no doubt that this young woman will go far.

Summer Ames

Captured Innocence

Natasha Bedingfield and Adele both create songs that reach people at the time when they most need to feel that someone else understands what is happening in their life. Summer  Ames is one of those artist that creates that kind of connection.  On your best days and your worst days Summer has something for everyone . The pictures that she creates are those that will follow the listener forever, nothing she sings can be called anything but perfect.

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