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Semaj Foreman – Take It All (Feat. Johnny Mark Jacob & Bully Birdsong)

New Semaj Single

Here comes another blazin hit from Semaj Foreman, this artists is busy putting a major stamp on the Dallas music scene. The amount of work Foreman produces is nothing short of phenomenal. Its like he is more machine than man, here is one of the products of his hard work, enjoy.



Johnny Mark Jacob & Semaj Foreman – Repairing A Planet

Johnny Mark Jacob New Single

Leading up to the release of his EP, Johnny Mark Jacob has been working extensively creating new material, some have been released as singles and others are sure to be included on his final project. So until the release of “Hardwork Workhard” here is a new track to bang.



Semaj Foreman – Give It Up (Single) Feat. C.A.S.H & Johnny Mark Jacob

Get Hype

Most of the musical offerings from Semaj Foreman are ethereal, invoking scenes of space and other worlds. With this latest single Foreman breaks with this theme but loses nothing of the top-notch sound production that is characteristic of all of his work. “Give It Up is a solid hype jam, aimed at haters and detractors that continue to run at the mouth even though the producer/artist’s success is well established.

Semaj Foreman – Apeish

This track comes directly from the mind of Semaj Foreman, rising producer and musical innovator, re-branding hip-hop one track at a time. Semaj Foreman records and produces his own genre of music classified as “Astrotech” because of his fascination with robotics, astronomy, acoustics, and technology. Semaj is an autodidact, and experiments with the drums, keyboard, synthesizer, Vocoder, and is currently learning the acoustic and electric guitar, but a majority of his music is created digitally. Semaj is currently in the studio, producing Bully Birdsong, Johnny Mark Jacobs, Camacho, Matt Stallings, Zoe Ann, ItwasLikeMagic and more.

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