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Best of September

Discovering All Styles

Hey Guys is its that time again. Another month of discovering artists and enjoying the rich musical scene here in Texas. So here they are the best of Auditory Asylum for September.


Scream For Redemption

Never Fear Shadows

DJ Neon Tiger

Prime Example

Ashliegh Lisset

One Red Martian

Zoe Ann

Miss CJ


Scream For Redemption

3 members of their former band Defy weren’t done rocking just yet, and found drummer Travis Yocklin and recruited him to play. Our new found power comes from the will to surpass our previous accomplishments and soar higher than we ever have before, hence the name “Scream for Redemption.” (suggested by Matt Holden) This time around, we WILL kick ass and take names… and phone numbers.. We will keep Mesmerize, Burn, and Your Disease and have several more originals written. Now, we’re getting our hands dirty with the task of writing our own, making us no longer a cover band. As we stand up on our own feet and take over the globe, we will see you all soon.


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