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Ellen Hinton

The Voice of a New Day

There are many types of talent out there but one of the rarest types out there is pure unfiltered vocal artistry. In Ellen Hinton there is no hiding behind layers of studio processing, there is just pure unfiltered singer – to – listener creativity. Ellen is one part Adele, Sinatra, and Colbie Caillat, her songs offer a world of possibilities to her audience and help lift spirits and refresh the atmosphere. Ellen Hinton should be a staple of anyone easy listening playlist.

Keisha Hunter – Building A Dream

Hunter Unleashed

The music industry is a rough place too navigate solo, and nothing about it is cheap. At the same time it does reward those that a willing to work hard and take the time to achieve their dreams. No one embodies this concept better than Keisha Hunter. Hunter is the founder of One Face Entertainment, her drive and determination are pushing her to new levels of success and creativity. So listen to her music and then go become part of the creation of her first album “Same Love, Different Day” through Kickstarter.

Common Folk

Uncommonly Gifted

Common Folk is a dynamic duo that mixes smooth harmonies and vocal with eclectic beats. Their songs have a feel-good sort of theme to them that capture glimpses of a different eras of music, but they have the ability to appeal to younger listeners.  They have clean, velvety voices, and their lyrical content is not lacking. They push a positive messages through their songs; they go past singing about materialistic, superficial lifestyles. Common Folk celebrates a positive image of women, being independent, unique, and driven, and they remind their listeners to remember the important things in life. Common Folk is a mostly R&B/Soul group, but every now and then they’ll throw some hip hop. Either way they go, Common Folk is definitely an easy listen.



Veronica Clayton

From The Heart

Veronica Clayton’s voice can’t be summed up in any one word except complicated. Her voice is unbelievably warm, rich, full, sultry, powerful, light, and airy. Only rarely is there a singer with so much unrestrained talent, but it would be a disservice to Clayton to compare her to any other singer, she is in a class all by herself. Veronica’s talent extends beyond her voice, on her debut album most of the songs are written and arranged by her, making Veronica Clayton the perfect musical triple threat.

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