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Loose Temper

Ready To Rise

Loose Temper has lyrical depth that is missing from many Dallas artists. Listening to their music takes you into the story that is being crafted with every verse. This backed by solid production work is a reason to keep listening. This group is talented enough to make tracks that kill on the dance floor, while still having creative juice for listeners to discover on an album.

Too Smart for Radio

Radio Denial

Over the last year or so there has been a trend in radio play, artists that create music that is well constructed and good to listen too, these artists are getting no radio play at all. Instead only artists that are either over saturating the airwaves or that only appeal to the club, these tracks are getting all of the radio play. Is it that other artists refuse to go with a pay-to-play system or that one group is controlling what DJs can and cannot play?

The most blatant example of this can be seen with Chalie Boy, his single “I look Good” was all over Dallas radio, sometimes back to back.  Now with the planned release of his newest album there has not even been a whimper of air play. Big Boi, Lupe, Cee Lo, N.E.R.D and others have all released tracks and there has been nothing. Compare the difference between Chalie’s “I look Good” and “Changes”. If Z-Ro’s single is getting air play then why is this song passing in silence.

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