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Ellen Hinton

The Voice of a New Day

There are many types of talent out there but one of the rarest types out there is pure unfiltered vocal artistry. In Ellen Hinton there is no hiding behind layers of studio processing, there is just pure unfiltered singer – to – listener creativity. Ellen is one part Adele, Sinatra, and Colbie Caillat, her songs offer a world of possibilities to her audience and help lift spirits and refresh the atmosphere. Ellen Hinton should be a staple of anyone easy listening playlist.

Analog Rebellion

In Full Revolt

Sweeping, epicly sweeping is the feeling you get when listening to Analog Rebellion. Unbridled creativity oozes forth from each and every line, matched with great visuals and the listener is caught up in a whirl of sound that builds toward a fantastic finish, it is the sonic version of riding a roaring rocket then braking through the clouds to the most beautiful sunrise ever seen. Analog Rebellion is the solo, independent music project of Aledo, Texas songwriter Daniel Hunter. Hunter writes, records and performs all of his own music, and refers to his sound as “Stadium Lo-Fi”, an oxymoronic synthesis of the Lo-Fi genre and Stadium Rock genre.


Emmeline, a singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas, has something different about her. She has a beautiful voice that’s clear, crisp, smooth, and it brings such a warm feeling to anyone who hears it. With such a voice, one would think that all of Emmeline’s songs would center around flowery, happy things, but that’s not always the case. Her lyrics describe different situations she’s been in, different stories that may portray the struggle in other people’s lives, and they may make the listener want to turn other things off just so they can concentrate on the story being told. That’s what she does: she demands your attention but in a subtle way. No extraneous sound effects, no auto-tune, just pure music.




An Music Genre Explosion

Many artists have tried to blend genres like pop, hip-hop, rock, and electronic and many have failed. Example: Lil Wayne, Kevin Rudolf. Not the case for EKG, these guys have found that mystical formula that brings together various elements of the top forms of music and distills them into a speaker melting mix. If you don’t like the work these guys have done then you might not have a pulse. It is immediately obvious that fun fuels this group, there is no teen angst or political pretension from EKG, they are all about fun filled jams that make you just want to bob your head.




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