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Langa Dubstep – Fall Silently & Jump

Mix Master

Langa Dubstep brings us some new tracks to groove to. This producer continues to up his game. Hopefully after the debut of the Sweet Action Records EP coming soon, we will see a solo project from Langa, in the mean time have a listen to the latest examples of greatness.



“Fall Silently”

Best of July & August

Discovering All Styles



Its been a fun ride so far from the Launch of Auditory Asylum 2 months ago. To celebrate here is our best of article listing the artists that have gotten the most buzz on our site.




Otherworld Rockers

Cori Lynn

Langa Dubstep

Team Sore Losers

Cowgirl Angel

Zoe Ann











Ready To Rise

Exit 380 Don't Miss It

See The Brightside







Painting The Prototype


Langa Dubstep

Twisted Mixin

Andrew Langner also know by his stage name “Langa” is a Dubstep DJ and music producer from Rowlett, TX. Dubstep is a growing community in the DFW area and Andrew is at the forefront. As part of the label Sweet Action Records, Andrew tours the country mixing it up with some signature flare. This DJ is going to be one to watch, because soon DJ Langa and David Guetta will be on the same level.
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