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Vandell Andrew

Debut Album

There are some artists that play smooth jazz and there are some artists that are smooth jazz. They live, breath, eat, sleep, and talk the music. In his Album “Years Later,” Vandell Andrew give us a glimpse of what this type of artist is. A native of New Orleans, Vandell relocated to Dallas after hurricane Katrina and has been gracing Texas with his personal infusion of soulful jazz artistry. In each track that he creates, the listener can hear how Vandell strategically laces his style into the smooth sounds of the music. Its like having a great conversation; there is something new to hear with every verse.

The Illusionists

Capturing Slices of Time

Have you ever had a moment in which you felt that your life was a movie? If so, then The Illusionists could be the ones to write your background music. The Illusionists is a creative collaboration between Nate Smith and K.D White. Their music is epic, it is legendary, and most of all, its fresh. Smith and White have brought together sounds that can only be described as the contemporary soundtrack to life.

Taylor Pace

Soulful Contemplation

Excellent composition, thoughtful lyrics, and instrumental artistry make listening to Taylor Pace an essential part of kicking back and relaxing after some long hours at work. Taylor’s music puts the listener into a clam place that disconnects for a few hours or moments from all of the rush of life. This is an artist  that understands intimately how to convey his inspiration to the listener and really make the listening experience enjoyable.


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