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The Imaginists

Calhoun has a sound that brings about a feeling of understated impossible happenings. They have the sound track to that day were everything is going your way. Calhoun is based out of Fort Worth, Texas home to an amazing depth of field when it come to music of all types. In all of the competition Calhoun stands out from the crowd drawing fans far and wide as they strive to create sincere music that is true to themselves and take listeners to places they never imagined.




Masters of The Universe

Folk and electronic music too most people would seem like opposites, or at least different enough that they wouldn’t blend well. Ishi happens to create amazing music using the versatility of electronic music to reach the listener with their unique style of folk driven melodies. Folk music brings the musician and the listener together in a sharing of thoughts and ideas. Ishi creates the backdrop for the meeting of the minds and creates a otherworldly platform for mental expansion.

The Orbans

Melodies of Feeling

Sometimes when you just need to sit down an contemplate life, its nice to have music that can accompany those thoughts. Not every type of music is conducive to contemplation but the musical style of The Orbans is one that lets you get lost in your thoughts. The lyrics of their songs creates a flow that surrounds the listener and interjects pictures to take you to another place. The Orbans make great use of the emotional impact of their style of music, it is apparent that they really attempt to put their souls into each sonic endeavor.

Exit 380

Exit 380 Don't Miss It

Exit 380 is possibly the most interesting band you will ever meet. This band is one that is hard to pin down, as an alt. country band they are a good mix of creative lyricism and instrumental artistry. The aspect of this band that really stands out are their music videos, each video is an expression of creativity and draws the viewer in. From the aspect of the videos it is almost as if the band set out to write film soundtracks and the albums just came to life.


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