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Masters of The Universe

Folk and electronic music too most people would seem like opposites, or at least different enough that they wouldn’t blend well. Ishi happens to create amazing music using the versatility of electronic music to reach the listener with their unique style of folk driven melodies. Folk music brings the musician and the listener together in a sharing of thoughts and ideas. Ishi creates the backdrop for the meeting of the minds and creates a otherworldly platform for mental expansion.

Sore Losers

Team Sore Losers

Hail to the kings. Thats is what should be the cry all over the country. For anyone that hasn’t recognized the new era of hip-hop has arrived, and its kings answer to the name Sore Losers. To anyone that has listened to music over the last year and a half there have been rumblings of  a change to the face of hip-hop, B.O.B and  Lupe Fiasco have been on the cusp of this movement back to the type of music that requires skill to create.

Sore Losers is the distillation of this movement, blending multiple styles of music to create a unique sound that stands with one foot in jazz/indie rock territory and the other foot square in rap country. With their recent notoriety Sore Losers stands poised to lead a new wave of amazingly crafted music that offers something for everyone. Look up and recognize Sore Losers are here to stay and more Dallas talent is right behind them.

Painting the Prototype

"A Painted Prototype"

Flying cars, hover boards and Wall-e, these are some of the things that listening to Painting the Prototype brings to mind. This is the music to usher humans in to the future. The tracks these guys create are like a treasure trove to any choreographer, DJ, or sci-fi movie director. There is no way that a person can listen to this duo and not be inspired. When Daft Punk decides to hang up the tables, these guys will carry the torch, that is if they haven’t already surpassed the helmeted crusaders of groove.

Semaj Foreman – Apeish

This track comes directly from the mind of Semaj Foreman, rising producer and musical innovator, re-branding hip-hop one track at a time. Semaj Foreman records and produces his own genre of music classified as “Astrotech” because of his fascination with robotics, astronomy, acoustics, and technology. Semaj is an autodidact, and experiments with the drums, keyboard, synthesizer, Vocoder, and is currently learning the acoustic and electric guitar, but a majority of his music is created digitally. Semaj is currently in the studio, producing Bully Birdsong, Johnny Mark Jacobs, Camacho, Matt Stallings, Zoe Ann, ItwasLikeMagic and more.

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