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Analog Rebellion

In Full Revolt

Sweeping, epicly sweeping is the feeling you get when listening to Analog Rebellion. Unbridled creativity oozes forth from each and every line, matched with great visuals and the listener is caught up in a whirl of sound that builds toward a fantastic finish, it is the sonic version of riding a roaring rocket then braking through the clouds to the most beautiful sunrise ever seen. Analog Rebellion is the solo, independent music project of Aledo, Texas songwriter Daniel Hunter. Hunter writes, records and performs all of his own music, and refers to his sound as “Stadium Lo-Fi”, an oxymoronic synthesis of the Lo-Fi genre and Stadium Rock genre.

Miss CJ

Music On the Brain

The Mistress of Spin, Miss CJ is a master at bringing life to a party. CJ is capable of taking any genre and spinning it in to a unique and artfully different sound, her parties always bring something new to the scene. Founder of ATB Collective she leads the pack in Dallas promoting only the best DJ’s Remixers, and producers from all over the globe. This is a woman on a mission to bring quality music to your speakers, making your feet move since 1997.



“Moving Forward”

“Leave the Past Behind”

Langa Dubstep – Fall Silently & Jump

Mix Master

Langa Dubstep brings us some new tracks to groove to. This producer continues to up his game. Hopefully after the debut of the Sweet Action Records EP coming soon, we will see a solo project from Langa, in the mean time have a listen to the latest examples of greatness.



“Fall Silently”

The Illusionists

Capturing Slices of Time

Have you ever had a moment in which you felt that your life was a movie? If so, then The Illusionists could be the ones to write your background music. The Illusionists is a creative collaboration between Nate Smith and K.D White. Their music is epic, it is legendary, and most of all, its fresh. Smith and White have brought together sounds that can only be described as the contemporary soundtrack to life.

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