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Taylor Davis

Davis Magic

Taylor Davis’ music has a real smooth, relaxed, yet upbeat feel to it. His voice is a bit reminiscent of John Mayer’s, and his lyrics are very easy for many people to relate to it. He doesn’t quite fit into just one genre because his music has touches of rock, country, indie, may be a little pop here and there, but it’s all tied together with sweet personality as portrayed through the messages of his songs. Think of this as the soundtrack for a nice drive out on a sunny day, windows rolled down, sunglasses on, and freedom on the horizon.




Vandell Andrew

Debut Album

There are some artists that play smooth jazz and there are some artists that are smooth jazz. They live, breath, eat, sleep, and talk the music. In his Album “Years Later,” Vandell Andrew give us a glimpse of what this type of artist is. A native of New Orleans, Vandell relocated to Dallas after hurricane Katrina and has been gracing Texas with his personal infusion of soulful jazz artistry. In each track that he creates, the listener can hear how Vandell strategically laces his style into the smooth sounds of the music. Its like having a great conversation; there is something new to hear with every verse.

Melissa Polinar

Unfathomable Talent

Melissa Polinar is a song writing phenomenon, it is impossible to even fathom the amount of creativity that she has inside of her waiting to get out. After years of writing songs and recording for YouTube, Polinar is poised to be a breakout star very soon. Her warm soothing voice is a treat to hear, infusing soul and depth into every note, there is no doubt that this young woman will go far.

Summer Ames

Captured Innocence

Natasha Bedingfield and Adele both create songs that reach people at the time when they most need to feel that someone else understands what is happening in their life. Summer  Ames is one of those artist that creates that kind of connection.  On your best days and your worst days Summer has something for everyone . The pictures that she creates are those that will follow the listener forever, nothing she sings can be called anything but perfect.

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