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Ashliegh Lisset

Ashliegh Lisset is a bright young lady with a voice after America’s own heart. Her songs show hope in young love and the struggle of getting past a break up, and her words connect her with the thoughts and emotions of her audience. Her music is well developed, and this young singer shows much promise in the future. Her voice is smooth and sweet, and one may even be able to hear the innocence and vulnerability in it; it’s the voice for the all-American girl.

Exit 380

Exit 380 Don't Miss It

Exit 380 is possibly the most interesting band you will ever meet. This band is one that is hard to pin down, as an alt. country band they are a good mix of creative lyricism and instrumental artistry. The aspect of this band that really stands out are their music videos, each video is an expression of creativity and draws the viewer in. From the aspect of the videos it is almost as if the band set out to write film soundtracks and the albums just came to life.


Charla Corn

The Creative Journey

Charla Corn is a true southern belle. She’s sassy, tough, with a bit of an in-your-face kind of attitude. She’s got a southern twang that is sweet on the ears, her singing voice is refined, and she knows how to apply her sass to her vocals. Some of her songs show a little bit of a bad girl side, but in the end it seems that love prevails for her. Her songs are the ultimate soundtrack for a girls’ road trip. Her songs show that she’s a woman that knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.  The band’s talent is definitely displayed in each song. Her songs have high energy, and may even make a guy want to bob his head along to the music.



Cori Lynn

Rockin The Crowd

Listening to Cori sing takes you to memories of warm summer nights hanging out with friends and just enjoying the Texas weather. Her voice is warm, bubbly, and soulful all at once. Her energy and personality are expressed in her lyrics and singing style. It is not possible to listen to her only once, her music has appeal over a wide range of audiences and places her at the front of the Texas country music scene.


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