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Best of July & August

Discovering All Styles



Its been a fun ride so far from the Launch of Auditory Asylum 2 months ago. To celebrate here is our best of article listing the artists that have gotten the most buzz on our site.




Otherworld Rockers

Cori Lynn

Langa Dubstep

Team Sore Losers

Cowgirl Angel

Zoe Ann











Ready To Rise

Exit 380 Don't Miss It

See The Brightside







Painting The Prototype



Cori Lynn

Rockin The Crowd

Listening to Cori sing takes you to memories of warm summer nights hanging out with friends and just enjoying the Texas weather. Her voice is warm, bubbly, and soulful all at once. Her energy and personality are expressed in her lyrics and singing style. It is not possible to listen to her only once, her music has appeal over a wide range of audiences and places her at the front of the Texas country music scene.


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