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Bus Seven

Come For A Ride

Bus Seven is an amazing Christian rock band from Dallas, Texas. These guys have an energy thats infectious, listening to them you cant keep from snapping your fingers and tapping your feet. Lyrically this band reminds me of a blend of Switchfoot and Reliant K with a distinctive Texas twist. These guys are going far, the sky is the limit, if you have been looking for a new band that makes you say wow, well join Bus Seven for the ride.

Melissa Polinar

Unfathomable Talent

Melissa Polinar is a song writing phenomenon, it is impossible to even fathom the amount of creativity that she has inside of her waiting to get out. After years of writing songs and recording for YouTube, Polinar is poised to be a breakout star very soon. Her warm soothing voice is a treat to hear, infusing soul and depth into every note, there is no doubt that this young woman will go far.

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman is an American musician, songwriter, record producer. Chapman is know for creating upbeat and uplifting songs that appeal to all generations. As one of the most succesful contemporary Christian artists, Chapman has has released 16 studio albums, more than 20 albums total in his career, including two Christmas albums, several collections of greatest hits, and a live album. He has sold more than ten million total albums, and has had 46 #1 Christian radio hits.

Music: Subjective or Objective?

Everyone's A Critic

Is the idea of music a subjective or objective thing? Some may say that music is simply the expression of feelings and emotions through sound; others may say that music is a studied science-type art form. So who’s right? Well, both sides really.

Objective Music: Music is written, played, sung, hummed in an objective manner. Every little note, rest, time signature, dotted note, tie, etc can be measured into counts or beats. Whether a musician is improvising or meticulously planning the melody of their music, he still uses the same symbols on the staff that Beethoven and Bach did back in the day. The easiest way to think of music as an objective idea is to think of a sheet of music as a bunch of fractions in each measure.

Subjective Music: One’s idea of “what music is” is subjective. Not everyone has the same taste in music, and what may be a symphony in one person’s ear may be noise in another. A perfect example of this happened to me today. I was listening to a gospel song and trying to learn the song as the original artist sang it. There came a point in the song where the artist really belted out her note, and I followed suit. I then receive a text from my brother, who was downstairs, saying “why are you yelling?” I replied that I was singing and fooling around. He came back at me saying “well, it’s not singing if you’re yelling,” but I didn’t agree. I then thought about how there are plenty of hard core rock bands that have whole CDs of them “screaming” their lyrics at the top of their lungs. In my opinion, it’s not singing because I can’t make out a tune for the melody or really understand what the singer is saying, but to others may know all the lyrics to ALL of the songs.

What do you have to say on the matter?

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