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Chris Martin

Walking the Walk

Chris Martin has a wonderful sound that makes you want listen over and over again. Using a musical style that blends fun upbeat tracks with meaningful lyrics that talk about subjects that listeners can easily relate to, Martin’s music creates an atmosphere that is worship filled and real enough that it will follow you throughout the week. His musical style shares aspects with John Mayer and through that create a wonderful and memorable auditory experience.

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman is an American musician, songwriter, record producer. Chapman is know for creating upbeat and uplifting songs that appeal to all generations. As one of the most succesful contemporary Christian artists, Chapman has has released 16 studio albums, more than 20 albums total in his career, including two Christmas albums, several collections of greatest hits, and a live album. He has sold more than ten million total albums, and has had 46 #1 Christian radio hits.

Crossover Appeal

A Band By Any Other Name

The Question

Many bands in their early days come across the issue of branding. How artists/bands chose to label themselves determines the type of audience, venues, and marketing that will be attached to their name. For many Christian artists this decision is predetermined by the idea, held by much of the christen music scene, that for an artist or a band to reach others with a positive message they must be labeled as Christian.

Someone Did

An example of a band the broke with that tradition is SwitchFoot. Early on the band was billed by their label as a Christian band and only marketed in the Christian music scene. It was not until after their music was featured on the soundtrack of the movie “A Walk to Remember” that they received nationwide exposure. After this they were rebranded as an alternative group. This rebranding allowed for their song “Meant to Live” to receive national airtime.

Think About It

SwitchFoot did nothing different after they changed branding labels. They still are active Christians and there music stayed the same, yet they were able to reach vastly more people than they were able to reach before. So for artists the question to ask is, “is your identity tied up in your label or is it part of your music?”

How Deep is the Message

Reaching Out

In today’s music scene the content of an artist’s music can be just as important as the quality of the music production. The importance of this varies from genre to genre but it can still have an important impact no matter what style you chose to produce.

Praising Away Fans

In the world of Christian music there is a real need for artists to separate their sound from what is considered secular, especially if the genre is Christian rock or hip-hop. Artists sometimes make the mistake of trying to mention God, Jesus, or Lord in almost every lyric. Sometimes this is fine if the track is to be a praise track for church play, but artists have to realize that their fans are real people with real problems and music is supposed to speak to its audience not at the audience. Fans can easily be turned off if the album is just 20 remixes of “Jesus is Lord”.

Not Staying on Message

For secular artists the problem is a bit more complex because there are so many factors that contribute to the success for failure of a music project. Secular artists need to know when a musical change is swinging too far to one side or the other. If a rapper comes out producing swag jams and then tries to do an R&B album then is might be too far a swing.  Now if you present yourself as an all-rounder, be careful of concentrating on one side of your talent scale. Most likely the side your concentrating on is not were your fan base is at.

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