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Curvine Brewington

In the world of Christian hip-hop there are few people that are able to artfully intertwine their passion for God and reaching out to others with musical artistry and talent. Listening to Curvine is an unforgettable experience, Brewington is set apart from others in the Christian hip-hop genre because of his background and experience. Instead of coming across as preachy and scripted, Curvine’s lyrics are relevant and crisp speaking in a language that is used everyday dropping the message right in your lap.

Bus Seven

Come For A Ride

Bus Seven is an amazing Christian rock band from Dallas, Texas. These guys have an energy thats infectious, listening to them you cant keep from snapping your fingers and tapping your feet. Lyrically this band reminds me of a blend of Switchfoot and Reliant K with a distinctive Texas twist. These guys are going far, the sky is the limit, if you have been looking for a new band that makes you say wow, well join Bus Seven for the ride.

Abbi Walker

Lifting Voices

Abbi’s beautiful voice lifts the listener out of the seat and doesn’t put them back down till the last note dies. Her warm, inviting vocals deliver all of the best of southern gospel and more. There are some artists that can create a sound but can’t connect through the music, Abbi leaves listeners with apart of her, in every song her presence is unmistakable.

Rhema Marvanne

A Little Angel

From the first time that that you hear Rhema’s voice it is like being transported to another place, a place were everything is right and anything is possible. It is incredible that a voice so rich can come out of a person so young. It is infused with depth and understanding. Few other vocalists can create such a swell of emotion when they sing. This young lady stands on a level shared by those like Mahalia Jackson, Michael Buble, and Sinatra. One can only imagine the heights that this artist will reach. In these times of manufactured sounds and label created artists it is truly inspirational to find pure unfiltered talent.

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