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Business Section Launch

The Auditory Asylum Business section is officially launched. This section will provide resources to assist artists and their management on bring their creative vision to life. All professional entities can be found by placing your mouse over the Asylum Business button on the menu and selecting a entry from the drop down menu.

Business Profiles

Discovering All Styles

Here at Auditory Asylum we want to create a site that is more than just a place to discover and keep up with local artists. Auditory Asylum is also looking to be a place were artists and management can find services that are necessary to their work.

To make this a reality Auditory Asylum is going to be adding a new section of Profiles. These profiles will be for producers, photographers, promoters, film directors, managers, and venues.  Through this endeavor  Auditory Asylum hopes to create a comprehensive music industry network for DFW.

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