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Best of September

Discovering All Styles

Hey Guys is its that time again. Another month of discovering artists and enjoying the rich musical scene here in Texas. So here they are the best of Auditory Asylum for September.


Scream For Redemption

Never Fear Shadows

DJ Neon Tiger

Prime Example

Ashliegh Lisset

One Red Martian

Zoe Ann

Miss CJ


The Active Inspire

Initially forming in the summer of 2010 in the basement of Tyler Barense’s mother’s house, original members Kortney Grinwis (drums), Rose Tomcala (guitar), Tyler Mouw (bass guitar), Tyler Barense (melodic vocals & guitar) would try to piece back together songs of an old set list from their old band “Revoke The Silence” (Originally including Cortney Erndt (lead vocals)). While they wanted to transition into a more modern rock band genre, consisting of drop tuned instruments, vocalist screams, and musical breakdowns, they acquired lead vocalist Matt Boersen (scream vocals). These five members would take on the name “The Active Inspire”, a name adopted from Grinwis, Tomcala and former band mate from a previously existing band whose title or music would not persist.

The Active Inspire made their West Michigan Local Music debut at an old venue under the name “The Golden Eightball” located in downtown Holland, MI. After a few shows, Mouw decided to leave for academic reasons prior to the following fall semester for Hope College. This would allow The Active Inspire to pick up bassist Kevin Perttula who assisted the band for the next few shows. Due to differences between the playing technique of Perttula and the genre that The Active Inspire were trying trying to accomplish, a second bassist browse came into effect. Shortly after the search began, Boersen voluntarily resigned from the band after learning of the concerns that the band held for his unhealthy vocal symptoms from his individual style of vocal technique.

Barense’s longtime friend and ex-band mate, Tyler Prins, would temporarily step in and supply lead vocals for the band while they kept on the lookout for other potential lead vocalists and bassists. On the coast out of winter 2010, kicking off the year 2011, former bassist Mouw becomes available once again for more practicing and performing. Shortly after that moment, The Active Inspire consults and agrees to search for another way in altering the dynamics of their sound, and keyboardist Matt Budde would be the answer. Shortly after Matt is welcomed on board, they discover young and upcoming screaming vocalist Robbie Bloomquist and negotiate band membership.

Things would become shaky once again for Mouw, resulting in a second resignation. Grinwis and Tomcala make conversation with their close friend Dustin Lantz to join the band and play bass lines, he would agree without any hesitation. The Active Inspire is now Robbie Bloomquist, Matt Budde, Rose Tomcala, Kortney Grinwis, Dustin Lantz, and Tyler Barense.

The Hakks

In late 2010 The Hakks were born when singer/song writer/rhythm guitarist Roman Rathert, lead guitarist Michael Everly, bassist Daniel Platt and drummer Johnny Davis, who had performed and recorded under the name Amphetamine Gazzelle, recruited Davis’ old school chum and intensely intuitive guitarist John Carvell. Soon after Carvell took over duties on lead guitar and Everly joined Rathert on rhythm guitar, and the band name was changed.
The Hakks triple guitar attack is a potent combination of garage and psychedelic rock with more than a dash of punk thrown in for good measure. Playing all original material The Hakks mix melody with mayhem, combining catchy riffs with massive, and at time jaw dropping solos by Carvell. Rather’s eclectic writing covers a diverse range of topics, from classic film (“Lon Chaney”) to more traditional ballads (“Come On My Love”), absolute punk brawls (“Brace For The Fall”), TV’s Sesame Street (“Can You Tell Me How To Get There?”) and personal experiences – including nearly being electrocuted (“Blinding Light”). Every and Carvell also contribute to arrangements on fan favorites such as “Welcome To America”.

The Hakks DIY debut album, “Beyond The Valley Of The Be-Lo-Fi” is available as a 17 track CD with downloadable bonus content or 18 track download and can be purchased at shows or online at CDs also feature uniquely original artwork by Rathert, Carvell and Davis.

Prime Example

From Houston, Texas, Prime Example plans to take the gritty world of hip hop into another direction. Prime Example isn’t the stereo typical H-Town hip hop artist with a chopped and screwed sound. With a strong production team by his side, he creates a catchy, yet heavy hitting commercial sound, with lyrics that tell vivid stories,which make him a sure stand out from the rest of the crowd. His project, “Imperfections” has certainly been creating a buzz since its release on August16th, and with a full length album that’s set to drop before the end of 2011, Prime Example is sure to make our “ones to watch” list.

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