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Asylum Work on Kristian Stanfill Concert

The Purple Haze

Last weekend the Younger Generation Church host worship leader Kristian Stanfill to cap off the GODencounters conference. The concert was out of this world amazing, and also was the culmination of a lot of hard work by myself(Stephen Ellis) and my brother Christopher Ellis. We are part-time light designers/programmers and we volunteer at The Arlington Seventh-Day Adventist Church. So enjoy the pictures and the video of the concert.

The Green Scene

High Beams


True Blue

The Bright

See The Brightside

As one of the foremost up and coming bands in the DFW area, The Bright is a band that delivers every ounce of energy that you could want from a pop band without the vapid angst found in many manufactured bands and artists in the same genre. Vocalist Julie Lange’s voice is best described as maturely innocent, layering perfectly over the band’s efforts without overpowering each other. Each song invokes musical elements from 60’s era British pop, to southern rock, with a slight smattering of 90’s era rock-n- roll. This creates one amazing listening experience that must be experienced to believe.



Keisha Hunter

Creative Infusion

Keisha’s music is full of passion. Her rich full voice  is perfectly suited to convey the emotions and experiences that she laces into her songs. Her creative subject matter is life, and even if some of her listeners might have not experienced the same life, her voice takes you to that street, that neighborhood, that corner that her songs arise from. Hunter understands that to capture the essence of soul the artist has to put some of themselves into each and every verse.

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