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A.Dd+ Insomniac Dreaming

A.Dd+ Don't Sleep on Them

With all the noise generated by mainstream music these days it is easy to think that hip hop is all about cars, hoes, and money that no one really has. Well here is a reason to leave all of the BS and vibe to really music, created by real artists that haven’t lost touch with reality.



“Under” Music Video by A.Dd+ Featuring Dusitin Cavazos

A.Dd + Life

I don’t think there are really words to describe the essence of this music video. This one is for everyone that remembers when a music video had a message, when it actually meant something to the people that watched it? Well let this video from A.Dd+ take you there.


A.Dd + Life

A.Dd+ is one of the many hip/hop duo’s to hit the Dallas music scene in the past year. What sets them apart is their amazing ability to blend a street bangin sound with lyrics that comprise a scope and reach lost to many other artists. Each track off of their debut album “When Pigs Fly” is full of unique tracks that brings creativity to a music style that has very understated representation. A.Dd+ will be one of the groups to change the musical perception of Dallas. A.Dd+ represents a musical trend that is moving back to lyrically fresh, intelligently crafted rap that can stand on it own without the need for dances and other gimmicks.

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