Imagine Bethan

One of the most amazing vocal projects we have discovered this year is the new material from Bethan. Jessie James the vocal and songwriting talent driving this project is one of the more amazing creative artists featured on Auditory Asylum. Her music manages to be at one time beautiful, haunting, and inspiring. Bethan’s songs are an indie film makers dream capable of bring the right em0tional content to a story. The sound scape this music creates begs for the ignition of the listeners imagination, linking the sounds with memories and places that fit ever so perfectly in the college of life experienced and treasured.

Johnny Mark Jacob & Semaj Foreman – Repairing A Planet

Johnny Mark Jacob New Single

Leading up to the release of his EP, Johnny Mark Jacob has been working extensively creating new material, some have been released as singles and others are sure to be included on his final project. So until the release of “Hardwork Workhard” here is a new track to bang.



Best of September

Discovering All Styles

Hey Guys is its that time again. Another month of discovering artists and enjoying the rich musical scene here in Texas. So here they are the best of Auditory Asylum for September.


Scream For Redemption

Never Fear Shadows

DJ Neon Tiger

Prime Example

Ashliegh Lisset

One Red Martian

Zoe Ann

Miss CJ


Keisha Hunter – Building A Dream

Hunter Unleashed

The music industry is a rough place too navigate solo, and nothing about it is cheap. At the same time it does reward those that a willing to work hard and take the time to achieve their dreams. No one embodies this concept better than Keisha Hunter. Hunter is the founder of One Face Entertainment, her drive and determination are pushing her to new levels of success and creativity. So listen to her music and then go become part of the creation of her first album “Same Love, Different Day” through Kickstarter.

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