DJ Neon Tiger


Who is Neon Tiger? Born Theresa Klein in Berkeley California, Neon Tiger’s heart has always been full of passion and creativity. At an early age, she had a musical ear for classical music which turned into a talent for the violin. Living with a military family, she was always moving around and attracted attention as the ‘new girl’ in school and spent much time at home focusing on music and school. In 1995, Theresa stumbled upon a Dallas radio show late at night filled with sounds she never heard , this show titled Edge Club influenced by legendary DJ Merrit would be the seed planted to inspire Theresa’s future in Dance Music. Theresa moved to Dallas Texas to complete her studies. At this time, albums such as ‘Out There and Back’ by Paul van Dyk, and Norther Exposures: Expeditions by Sasha + Digweed were the favorites of Theresa. In 1998, she would watch her first DJ show by none other than Paul Okenfold. After this experience, she attended many shows at the world famous Lizard Lounge club where she was heavily influenced by house music, mainly by the DJ Bad Boy Bill. Later in 2003 Theresa found a way to be a part of the scene by forming a promoting team named ‘Angelbaby’s’ they would dress in matching outfits, black angel wings and be hired to promote for incoming DJ’s, including Robbie Rivera’s first show in Dallas. That same year, Theresa attended her first of many Winter Music Conferences, since it always lands on her birthday, it was a perfect inspiration for her to throw her first official party in Dallas Texas. ‘Krunk vs. Funk’ and ‘Operation Chaos’ were the first two themed parties that would launch Angelbaby productions. Using her creativity, she designed the flyers, booked the DJ’s and promoted her heart out for two successful shows. During this time Theresa had already been working in the fashion world becoming a blossoming stylist. She would later put on fashion shows and continue to assist in promoting the Dallas EDM scene using the new company name Neon Tiger Productions. Theresa’s desire to create more awareness in Dallas showed when she collaborated with a team to create the visual production titled ‘Cyber Angels’ which included models with silver body paint and enormous white angel wings to perform along with the first ever Dallas appearance by DJ Andy Moor. Only months afterwards, Neon Tiger Productions would go on to produce a fashion show titled ‘Gods and Goddesses’ to open for the first appearance of Above and Beyond at the Lizard Lounge. While finishing college studies Theresa was lucky to attend amazing performances by some of the biggest DJ’s in dance music in countries which included Canada, Spain, and Japan. Theresa also spent time in England where she saw first hand some of the most passionate fans of dance music and some of the biggest festivals including Global Gathering. Back in the United States, Theresa quickly wanted to channel this new passion and knowledge for dance music and Violet Groove was born. The Violet Groove motto, “house-progressive-trance” states the direction of this company, but took some time to get off its feet. It wasn’t until the first official Violet Groove party held at the Lizard Lounge in 2008, that Theresa was told by fellow friends to DJ herself. It was a stressful success! The sight of people dancing to her set and the feeling of playing the music was so exciting that she continued to follow this route and Neon Tiger was born. Two more Violet Groove shows followed which included the talents of Marcus Schossow in 2008 and Breakfast 2009. Today you can catch her playing hot fashion events to cool nightclubs. Neon Tiger’s passion for fashion and music are apparent and her dream is to build Violet Groove and to share the music. The future is looking bright for this passionate entrepreneur and there is so much more to come from the ‘new girl in school’, so stay tuned!

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