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From the Mouth of the Martian

What makes rock n roll?

An undefinable energy?   The presence of a statement or its interpretation as art?

It’s often easier to say what it’s not; we know it isn’t the Black Eyed Peas.  Nor does it include unnaturally groomed pop groups, clad in matching leather outfits, frothing auto-tune laced radio pop.

Rock n roll demands authentic musicianship, unbridled emotional expression and a true commitment to one’s sonic vision.   It speaks to all who have suffered and shouts out in defiance against oppression.  Rock n roll exists to be witnessed, its performance instantly speaking to humans on a primordial level.

Our album is a picture of motion inviting you to see the source from which it sprang.   This source is our show, and our show is what we want to share.

-Curtain Club, March 9th-

-One Red Martian-

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Syrens - A Fire You Can't Put Out

Formed in the summer of 2006 in Crowley Texas, Syrens have strived to create intense, honest music without limitations. With 3 records under their belt and their first full length album entitled “Speaking In Dead Languages” coming in 2011, they are still trying to push the envelope of what is “acceptable” in the aggressive music community. Syrens front man Terry O’connor has been blazing the aggressive rock scene since 2002, for him it is all about sticking to the purity of the music and always following your creative passion. Syrens will always bring the greatest, rawest rock around, hands down.




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