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Independent Music Marketing – LinkedIn

Business Networking


LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform on the internet. Founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003, LinkedIn reports more than 100 million registered users, spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. LinkedIn is the go to place for companies and employees to interact.

LinkedIn only been embraced by the mainstream music industry on the surface. Music executives and management maintain LinkedIn presence buy it is largely passed by in the race for artist to get signed. This is due to the fact that the music industry more than any other industry relies on word of mouth endorsement.

For independent artists and labels LinkedIn can provide a map of who makes up the music industry in your local area. This is an invaluable resource for artists looking for producers, directors, and management.


Independent Music Marketing – YouTube

Video Empire

(This is a reissue of an earlier post on the same topic)

The music industry has gone through many changes to the way that music is created, produced and marketed. The industry today resembles the Wild West, with many independent artists and labels producing and marketing their own type of music.  The major labels still exist and control much of the money and mainstream musical outlets, but through the use of the internet independent artists and labels can find and connect with fans.

One of the important weapons in any artist’s promotional arsenals is the music video. YouTube has opened the doors of broadcasting to anyone with a computer, a phone, or a camera. Many artist feel that if they can’t direct and edit their video to the standard of MTV then they shouldn’t try. This is just not true. Music videos are just another level of exposure, putting a track to an album cover and uploading it to YouTube is just as good as a professionally directed production.

If the content of the music is worth listening to then allowing fans as many opportunity’s as possible is only smart thinking. Creating music is hard work so make sure you take every opportunity to let people appreciate that work. One of the best examples of this is the video for Patrick Stump’s single “Explode”.

Part 5

Independent Music Marketing -Twitter

A Little Bird Tweeted It

Twitter is one of the major social networking entities, coming right behind Facebook, and YouTube in usage and reach. Twitter is the next generation of chat, standing halfway between instant and on demand communication.

For artist and labels looking to promote on Twitter there are some common practices that are good to follow. Every part of Twitter is based on a 140 character limit. So profile descriptions, updates, and messages have these same restrictions. Certain 3rd party twitter tools like Tweetdeck and Hootsuit allow for posting tweets longer than 140 characters in a series of Tweets.

Using Twitter for promotion is more than posting links to your music and info about performances. Artists, labels, and management have to engage their audience. This means creating a window in your professional life and broadcasting that. Due to the near instantaneous nature of Twitter, content production is a premium. Tweets should be fresh and creative, include media whenever possible (pictures, track samples, video, ect.)

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