About Asylum

Discovering All Styles

Welcome to Auditory Asylum a place for those completely insane about music. This blog is a place for those that are tired of being served the same few artists and having “hit tracks” pushed at them every time they turn on the radio. So if you are one of those people that loads up their iPod with underground artists or just someone that heard a local band by accident and wanted to know more about them, we want to be the place where you can come and step into a fresh different world of music. Auditory Asylum is a magazine focused on the discovery of good local artists. The primary goal of Auditory Asylum is to create a comprehensive network of the local elements of the music industry in the Dallas area. The magazine consists of three parts, an artist discovery, a promotions section, and a business section to connect artists and labels, producers, and management. It is the future goal of Auditory Asylum to function as a musical incubator for independent and small label artists everywhere.

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