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From the Mouth of the Martian

What makes rock n roll?

An undefinable energy?   The presence of a statement or its interpretation as art?

It’s often easier to say what it’s not; we know it isn’t the Black Eyed Peas.  Nor does it include unnaturally groomed pop groups, clad in matching leather outfits, frothing auto-tune laced radio pop.

Rock n roll demands authentic musicianship, unbridled emotional expression and a true commitment to one’s sonic vision.   It speaks to all who have suffered and shouts out in defiance against oppression.  Rock n roll exists to be witnessed, its performance instantly speaking to humans on a primordial level.

Our album is a picture of motion inviting you to see the source from which it sprang.   This source is our show, and our show is what we want to share.

-Curtain Club, March 9th-

-One Red Martian-

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