RobbieRomance – Decided to pick up a guitar bout 3 years ago in need of a guitarist to start a band. Listening to Modern Hard Rock and Metal to fuel the passion of guitar and quick learning of the neck RobbieRomance gained the Skill and Ability to perform and lead Kingrieve the new Hard Rock/Metal Project.

CodyCane – After 3 hard years  of experience making guitar look easy CodyCane has built up the skill for an awesome Rhythm guitarist. The passion for Metal and Punk runs through his veins as he slams on his strings(sometimes literally). The pain and Grieving he has gone through makes him worthy as Kingrieve’s Rhythm Guitarist.

BadassBob – You wanna know why he is called “BadassBob”?? Because in 3 Weeks this Bass player has wowed many with his quick ability to learn this instrument. Holding the low section with his timing and fret finding fingers he has found his way into being Kingrieve’s Loyal Bassist.

DanTheBeast – Can you say Prodigy? The Beast doesn’t Play drums he feeds off the sound of the beat. After being versatility thrown around in this band The Beast has Found his cave behind the Wall of drums. The Beast has been playing Drums for 0 Years and doesn’t even have a drum set at home. With his mind and coordination he listens and plays like hes been playing for years. Kingrieve now feeds off of his amazing beat.

Orion – Through years of sleeplessness and internal strife, Orion has filled his lungs with an ocean of fiery despair, and his mind with poetic madness. listening to vocalists from symphonic metal and hard rock, his aching soul has found respite upon the throne of Kingrieve.


About Stephen Ellis

Creator of Auditory Asylum, a Dallas based online startup music magazine. Interested in social media and new media. Working on developing new business uses for social media, my goal is to eventually craft my own digital publishing empire.

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