Know Gravity

Changing the Rules

Know Gravity is a genre-blending fusion of music and thought. Comprised of a collection of extremely talented musicians from diverse musical and cultural backgrounds, Know Gravity is a band with a sound and a message that is truly their own. After years of playing separately, in many and varied musical projects, Know Gravity came together in 2006, and spent the past 4 years playing around the NY/Tri-State area under the name “Verbal Sideshow”. They quickly became known for their innovative mixture of styles and ideas, even competing in and winning several well-established music competitions in the NY area. In 2010 there were changes to the lineup, and this gave them a new perspective on their songwriting and overall sound. A new name was required to capture the new essence of the band. After several brainstorming sessions, this new incarnation was dubbed “Know Gravity”. From smooth and groovy to powerful and edgy, melodic and busy to textured and relaxed, Know Gravity delivers a positive message in a potent way – by making you feel it.


About Stephen Ellis

Creator of Auditory Asylum, a Dallas based online startup music magazine. Interested in social media and new media. Working on developing new business uses for social media, my goal is to eventually craft my own digital publishing empire.

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