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The Orbans

Melodies of Feeling

Sometimes when you just need to sit down an contemplate life, its nice to have music that can accompany those thoughts. Not every type of music is conducive to contemplation but the musical style of The Orbans is one that lets you get lost in your thoughts. The lyrics of their songs creates a flow that surrounds the listener and interjects pictures to take you to another place. The Orbans make great use of the emotional impact of their style of music, it is apparent that they really attempt to put their souls into each sonic endeavor.

Taylor Davis

Davis Magic

Taylor Davis’ music has a real smooth, relaxed, yet upbeat feel to it. His voice is a bit reminiscent of John Mayer’s, and his lyrics are very easy for many people to relate to it. He doesn’t quite fit into just one genre because his music has touches of rock, country, indie, may be a little pop here and there, but it’s all tied together with sweet personality as portrayed through the messages of his songs. Think of this as the soundtrack for a nice drive out on a sunny day, windows rolled down, sunglasses on, and freedom on the horizon.



Over Odds

All For One and Five For Odds

Over Odds exudes power. It permeates every facet of their music, from punching bass, to solidly pulsing guitar rhythms and solos, to epically arresting lyrics and vocals.  This band brings it every time they touch the stage. Stylistically they are a mix of Three Days Grace with a touch of Stickleback instrumentality, the band work as a well oiled machine layering guitars, bass, drums, and vocals to create one seamless attack of sound.




Brian Carrion

The Carrion Enigma

Brian Carrion is an interesting artist, and it’s almost hard to describe him. He could be best described as a rock/pop/comedy singer that feeds off of different emotions for inspiration as to the type of song he creates. He uses a little bit of anger, happiness, and he definitely has some charm thrown in here and there. Carrion’s musical style is not consistent, but according to him, that’s probably the only consistent thing about his music; it’s constantly changing. He has a rock songs, a happy, almost doowop-y song, and he’s also got some groovy rock going on. One of his songs is a ballad about his beard. There’s definitely something different about this artist, and we like it.

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