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Technology has made it incredibly easy and inexpensive for artists and producers to create whatever music that they can imagine. This has led to a virtual explosion of independent artists mixing, recording, and distributing their own work. In all of this the most misunderstood part of the work of any independent artist is the promotion of the artist.

For artists that are signed with a record label, the label handles promotions. For independent artists there are two options: hire a PR firm or promote independently. Most artists that promote independently through the internet or on the street miss opportunity’s to find fans because they might not be using a complete marketing/promotional strategy.

Here on Auditory Asylum we are going to be looking at what makes a complete promotional campaign, and what every independent artist, producer, and label needs to make a successful promotional strategy work.  Look for a new article every weekday starting next week.

Part 2


About Stephen Ellis

Creator of Auditory Asylum, a Dallas based online startup music magazine. Interested in social media and new media. Working on developing new business uses for social media, my goal is to eventually craft my own digital publishing empire.

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Stacey Yoder and I created Yoderville. I’m a 20 yr old music photographer/filmmaker. I’m looking to possibly be able to get a press pass for the Carson Vans Warped Tour on August 10th. Actions speak louder than words so check out some of my links and base your opinion on my work.



    I’m just a kid looking to fulfill their dream…..putting yourself out there is the first step.

    If you are interested in featuring my work in any way with your company I would greatly appreciate it!!

    Thank you,
    Stacey Yoder

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