To Change or Not To Change

Career Path

One of the important considerations that most artists have to consider is, how much will your audience will determine how you as an artist sound. Creative input comes from all around, producers, label executives, band members, friends, and your fans. How an artist decides to let these influences effect the production of their music has lasting effects on their careers.

Two of the most profound career effects happen at the either the beginning or end of an artists career. At the beginning listening to outside input can carry a 50/50 risk. Changing your sound or style can help you gain a larger audience or it can pigeon hole you in a very small niche of a genre. Making a shift in the middle of your career can cause fans to stop listening if they are not liking the new feel.

When thinking about taking creative advice, consider who is giving it. Does the person have the experience to back the advice? If it is coming from fans, is it most of your fans or just a few? Do you feel comfortable changing sounds? Fans can always tell if an artist isn’t really into their music.


About Stephen Ellis

Creator of Auditory Asylum, a Dallas based online startup music magazine. Interested in social media and new media. Working on developing new business uses for social media, my goal is to eventually craft my own digital publishing empire.

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