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Painting the Prototype

"A Painted Prototype"

Flying cars, hover boards and Wall-e, these are some of the things that listening to Painting the Prototype brings to mind. This is the music to usher humans in to the future. The tracks these guys create are like a treasure trove to any choreographer, DJ, or sci-fi movie director. There is no way that a person can listen to this duo and not be inspired. When Daft Punk decides to hang up the tables, these guys will carry the torch, that is if they haven’t already surpassed the helmeted crusaders of groove.

Chris Martin

Walking the Walk

Chris Martin has a wonderful sound that makes you want listen over and over again. Using a musical style that blends fun upbeat tracks with meaningful lyrics that talk about subjects that listeners can easily relate to, Martin’s music creates an atmosphere that is worship filled and real enough that it will follow you throughout the week. His musical style shares aspects with John Mayer and through that create a wonderful and memorable auditory experience.

Langa Dubstep

Twisted Mixin

Andrew Langner also know by his stage name “Langa” is a Dubstep DJ and music producer from Rowlett, TX. Dubstep is a growing community in the DFW area and Andrew is at the forefront. As part of the label Sweet Action Records, Andrew tours the country mixing it up with some signature flare. This DJ is going to be one to watch, because soon DJ Langa and David Guetta will be on the same level.

Independent Music Marketing

The Social Web

Technology has made it incredibly easy and inexpensive for artists and producers to create whatever music that they can imagine. This has led to a virtual explosion of independent artists mixing, recording, and distributing their own work. In all of this the most misunderstood part of the work of any independent artist is the promotion of the artist.

For artists that are signed with a record label, the label handles promotions. For independent artists there are two options: hire a PR firm or promote independently. Most artists that promote independently through the internet or on the street miss opportunity’s to find fans because they might not be using a complete marketing/promotional strategy.

Here on Auditory Asylum we are going to be looking at what makes a complete promotional campaign, and what every independent artist, producer, and label needs to make a successful promotional strategy work.  Look for a new article every weekday starting next week.

Part 2

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